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International Gallery

Spain, Brazil, Sudan, Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Panama, Belgium

"Photography is a form of time travel."

New Year celebration, Massai Mara, Kenya, Africa

Massai men, Kenya, Africa

Lion yawn, Massai Mara, Kenya, Africa

Mural Scene, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Boy on Blue bus, Ghana, Africa

Mural Scene, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Children play in abandon car, Eritea, Africa

Church scene, Jamaica, West Indies

Plane after Hurrican Gilbert, Jamaica, West Indies

Surgery, Eritrea, Africa

Gold Coast Family, Ghana, Africa

Young Eritrean bomb victim, Eritrea, Africa

Eritrean School girl, Eritrea, Africa

Ethiopian Prisoner of war, Eritrea, Africa

Kids play with bubbles in Tarragona, Spain

Man plays with snake in Trinidad

Pope poster at airport in Panama City.

Homeless in Toronto, Canada